Gold Guide

Solid Gold, Gold Filled, Gold Vermeil, Gold Plating - What's the difference?
Here is a simple illustrative guide to help you

Ever wonder what the differences are between solid gold, gold plating, gold vermeil and gold filled?

We have put together a simple illustrative guide to help you understand the differences between each and to help you make a more informed purchasing decision in your next shopping haul! 

At Inari Jewellery, we mainly work with Gold-Filled, as it is the best option for longevity and quality without buying solid gold

Gold-filled jewellery can last decades and are often heirlooms but don't forget to care for your pieces to make them last as long as possible

We do also have small select items with Gold-Vermeil which gives us the ability to design more intricate pieces that we cannot design using Gold Filled. Both are great Demi Fine options that you know would last you for years.

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